Havanese Cuts Cut Down On Grooming Time

Published: 07th March 2008
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One of the most attractive characteristics of the Havanese dog breed is the wavy, flowing coat. Unlike many other breeds, Havanese coats are silky to the touch. In fact, a wiry coat on a Havanese would make the dog disqualified from showing. But many Havanese are pets and not show specimens. Their coats can become matted and ugly if not groomed regularly and given Havanese cuts to the coat to make lie easier for both dog and owner.

One of the things Havanese owners must know is basic Havanese grooming. You also should know about the best Havanese cuts for your dog. Just like with people, just because we can grow longhair doesn't mean we HAVE to. Often, it is far more comfortable and convenient to get it cut. The same is true for Havanese cuts. Havanese don't like to be dirty, and a dirty dog will be very unhappy and stressed.

Daily Havanese grooming should begin when the dog is a puppy, to get used to it. They need their coats brushed with a slicker brush as well as a combination comb. Tangles and mats need to be dealt with immediately, or they will just get bigger and bigger. Sometimes in pets it's better to just cut the mat out and be done with it! A slicker brush can help remove tangles. Be sure to hold the hair between the tangle and the dog's skin to lessen pain.

Although many Havanese pet owners prefer to take their dogs to a groomer for the best Havanese cuts, you can cut your dog's coat yourself. You need to be sure your dog likes to be groomed and will sit still. If your dog can't do this, then it is best for a professional groomer to give the dog Havanese cuts. Your dog needs to be bathed, all tangles combed out, and then you can trim away around the body, using the dog's body contours to guide you.

Many professionals recommend starting Havanese grooming sessions at the head, to remove any caught food in the "beard". There are liquid detangling sprays available for dogs that are safe to use around the face. Brush the rest of the dog's body to give the detangler time to work. Then you can get the shears out. Be sure to praise your dog for being good. This Havanese haircut tip will assure that your dog will look forward to the clips.

Another Havanese haircut tip is to not force an unnatural part down the dog's spine. Just follow the natural lay of the coat. Trim the edges off to at least two inches from the dog's body. Stand back and admire the dog - even if your job was crooked. In every aspect of Havanese grooming, practice makes perfect. Having pictures of Havanese cuts like the puppy clip and the Poodle clip will help give you a pattern to follow. Be sure to give your dog a big treat so haircut time is fun time!

Fiona Kelly loves learning everything s/he can about all aspects of dog care, including the best Havanese haircut tips and Havanese grooming. You will find numerous articles on Havanese grooming, Havanese haircut tips and Havanese care also written by this author. The advice in this article for Havanese haircut tips is meant to make the experience fun for both you and your dog.

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